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Updated: Jul 21, 2021

As a child, I have always had a dream, or should I say, a passion to travel.

But travelling does not necessarily mean you have to travel around the world. - I actually started from home - Fiji!

As I started working, I started travelling in my own country. After months and months of saving, I visited one of the many islands in Fiji called Qalito Island, commonly known as Castaway.

Castaway is named after the famous movie produced by Robert Zemeckis “Castaway” starring famous actor Tom Hanks, where his character Chuck Noland became marooned on a desolated island with no way to escape.

Castaway is a beautiful private island with a luxurious 4-star resort that comes with lovely hospitality. Castaway was an expensive resort before the Covid-19 outbreak in 2020, but since then, the price has gone down, and so I took advantage of this amazing deal!

Travelling doesn’t mean just a vacation, it is a method of relaxation and a place to find peace and happiness. Passion makes you live and feel the soul within us, and visiting Castaway was an experience that cannot be forgotten!

Banded Fiji Iguana

On the way to Castaway Island, I also had an awesome experience on the boat ride over!

The island has a lot of actives and amazing food to offer. The island resort is perfect for dolphin watching, scuba diving, snorkelling, fishing, kayaking, sailing, and watching the sunset at the end of a beautiful day – a little something for everyone!

Sunset on Castaway Island

The rooms are not like any other rooms in your regular hotel… The rooms are called a ‘bure’ in Fijian – meaning a wood and straw hut in English, like a cabin. We all love a bit of relaxation, and I think this is the best way to really unwind.

Fijian Bure

I encourage everyone to visit the Fiji Islands at least once a lifetime. Fiji is a developing country, yet it carries its tradition beautifully in every way.

The Famous Fijian Hibiscus Flower

The Fiji Islands still have traditional ‘koros’ (translated as villages in English), and the local people give a warm welcome to everyone that visits from other countries.

To welcome every guest, we say “bula”, and “sote tale” to say, “see you again”. When departing from Fiji, you will often hear us saying “sota tale” in anticipation that you will be welcomed back to the islands soon - we don’t believe in goodbyes!


Written by Shweta Justina Singh

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