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Updated: May 6

Are you on the hunt for some eco-friendly cosmetics?

Thankfully, there are a few brands out there that also share your love for the environment. In fact, recent studies have found that the eco-friendly cosmetics market is estimated to reach $20.8 billion (US) by 2025!

Following the ban on microbeads and government plans to reduce pollution and waste worldwide, many cosmetic companies are finally creating natural, organic, sustainable, and eco-friendly products.

While that all sounds very encouraging, aren't you fed up with searching for hours on the internet to find cosmetics that are truly ethical and sustainable?

Well, you are in luck as I have 13 amazing eco-cosmetics that you should try!


Eco-Cosmetics: A Quick Link Guide


14 Eco-Cosmetic Brands

So, I heard you want to look flawless and help save our planet…

Even though eco-friendly cosmetics are more expensive than regular high street cosmetic brands, you want to avoid these cheap products at all costs!

Cheap cosmetics are known to contain potentially toxic substances which can interfere with your hormones, causing long-term health issues.


1. Alima Pure

Image by Alima Pure

  • Face, lip, & eye makeup, which are free of parabens, petroleum, & talc

  • Carbon-neutral and powered by renewable energy

  • Member of 1% For The Planet

  • They offer refillable cosmetic products



2. Antonym Cosmetics

  • Foundation, blush, & eye makeup that is certified natural, organic & cruelty-free (the only non-vegan ingredients Antonym uses is beeswax in their lipsticks)

  • ECOCERT certified

  • Outer packaging made from FSC-certified or recycled paper and bamboo compacts



3. ATHR Beauty

Image by ATHR Beauty

  • Face, lip, & eye makeup that is organic, vegan, & fair-trade

  • Made from non-GMO ingredients

  • The eye makeup pallets are made from paper

  • Most of their packaging is completely recyclable





  • Lipstick, balms, & face highlighters that are organic & vegan

  • Cruelty-free ingredients

  • The lipstick tubes are made from 50% recycled plastic

  • Balms and face highlighters come in recyclable paper



5. Bésame Cosmetics

Image by Bésame Cosmetics

  • Lip, face, & eye makeup made locally to their base in California

  • Their products are all cruelty-free & most are also vegan (some products contain beeswax)



6. Clean-Faced Cosmetics

Image by Clean-Faced Cosmetics

  • Lip, face, & eye makeup

  • They are a small business where the products are handmade in Michigan - they have an Etsy shop too

  • All their products are vegan & cruelty-free

  • You can order refills or send back your empty containers where they will reuse them

  • If you are after a particular shade, you can also request a custom shade - how cool!



7. Elate Cosmetics

Image by Elate Cosmetics

  • Lip, face, & eye makeup that are vegan, cruelty-free, & gluten-free

  • Their operations run on around 75% waste-free

  • Their products come in bamboo, glass, aluminium, & seed paper packaging

  • They donate 2% of all sales to social & environmental causes



8. Fat and the Moon

Image by Fat and the Moon

  • Lip, eye, & face (cheek) makeup

  • Their herbal formulated products use ingredients that are from different age-old traditions

  • Their products come in reusable, recyclable packaging

  • They use non-toxic & cruelty-free ingredients (they are not vegan as they use beeswax)



9. ILIA Beauty

Image by ILIA Beauty

  • Lip, face, & eye makeup that uses cruelty-free ingredients

  • Member of 1% For The Planet

  • They are part of the take-back program through TerraCycle

  • They use sustainable packaging through the use of recycled aluminium, glass components, and responsibly sourced paper



10. Izzy Zero Waste Beauty

  • Brow gels, mascara, & lip butters that are both vegan & cruelty-free

  • They arrive at your door in upcycled materials

  • The product containers are made from medical-grade stainless steel

  • You can return your empties, & they will be cleaned & refilled

  • They have a refill system for members



11. Kjaer Weis

  • Lip, face, & eye makeup

  • Their products are sourced from FSC-certified materials & are printed with water-based ink

  • They only use natural or organic ingredients

  • Their face compacts & containers are refillable



12. RMS Beauty

  • Lip, eye, and face makeup that uses organic & toxic-free ingredients

  • Their cream pots come in recycled glass

  • They manufacture their products using 100% wind power

  • The products (except for the volumizing mascara) are gluten-free

  • All their products are cruelty-free



13. SAPPHO New Paradigm

Images by SAPPHO New Paradigm

  • Lip, eye, & face makeup using cruelty-free formulas

  • Their organic cosmetics use ECOCERT certified ingredients

  • They produce their cosmetics in a zero carbon-footprint facility

  • They have partnerships with CleanHub & TerraCycle

  • For every purchase you make, they will plant a tree via the Eden Reforestation Projects partnership



14. ZAO

  • Face, lip, & eye makeup that is vegan, cruelty-free, & gluten-free

  • ECOCERT certified

  • Their packaging comes from controlled harvested bamboo

  • They offer a refill system



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Written by Darby Bonner

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