Ocean-related Baby & Fur-baby Names & Their Meanings

Are you an ocean lover looking for a baby name inspired by the sea to add to your list or maybe you have a baby (or fur-baby) on the way.

Baby consultant Pamela Redmon stated: "There’s such high awareness of the environment and appreciation for nature that many parents have strong feelings for wanting to identify the majesty of the ocean with their child."

So, what better name than one that is all-encompassing in nature like the ocean!


Ocean Names for Girls


  • Aerwyna: Meaning ‘friend of the sea’ in Old English

  • Amphitrite: In Greek mythology, Amphitrite was the wife of Poseidon

  • Ariel: Probably one of the most popular mermaid names right now thanks to Disney

  • Asherah: Meaning ‘she who walks on the sea’

  • Aukai: A Hawaiian name that means ‘explorer of the sea’

  • Avisa: Means ocean in Sanskrit


  • Beryl: Meaning ‘sea-green jewel’


  • Cari: In Welsh, it means ‘beloved’ and in Turkish, it means ‘flows like water’

  • Chantara: Meaning ‘moon water’ in Thai

  • Coral: A classic ocean-inspired name - no need to explain this one!

  • Cordelia: A Celtic goddess of the sea


  • Daria: A variant of the Persian name ‘Darya’, which means ‘ocean’

  • Delja: Meaning ‘daughter of the sea’ in Polish

  • Delmare: From French origin, meaning ‘of the sea’

  • Derya: Meaning ‘sea’ in Turkish

  • Doris: From Greek origin meaning ‘gift of the ocean’

  • Dwyn: A Welsh name, meaning ‘wave’, It is also said that ‘Dwyn’ is the name of an ancient god of love


  • Ezili: The Benin goddess of water and beauty


  • Firtha: An old Scottish name meaning ‘arm of the sea’


  • Gali: Meaning ‘wave’ in Hebrew

  • Ginevra: Meaning‘white wave’


  • Iluka: An Aboriginal name meaning ‘by the sea’

  • Itsaso: Meaning ‘sea’ in Spanish


  • Jennifer: Cornish (UK) for ‘white wave’


  • Kailani: Meaning ‘sea and sky’ in Hawaiian

  • Kaimana: Meaning ‘the power of the ocean’ in Hawaiian

  • Kairi: Meaning ‘ocean’ in Japanese

  • Kendra: Meaning ‘water baby’


  • Lana: Meaning ‘afloat in calm waters’ in Hawaiian


  • Manami: Means ‘ocean’ in Japanese, but it also has many other meanings like love, beauty, sheep, or fruit

  • Mar: Meaning ‘sea’ in Spanish and Portuguese

  • Marcelline: Meaning ‘defender of the sea’ in French

  • Maree: A version of the name ‘Mary’, but also meaning ‘ocean tides’

  • Marella: Latin for ‘star of the sea’

  • Maren: Latin for ‘sea’

  • Marina: Latin meaning ‘from the sea’

  • Marissa: Meaning ‘drop of the sea’

  • Maya: Meaning ‘water’

  • Mayim: The Hebrew word for ‘water’

  • Meri: Estonian and Finnish origin, meaning ‘sea’

  • Mira: Latin for ‘ocean’

  • Moana: The Polynesian name for ‘sea’

  • Morgan: – A unisex name in Welsh meaning ‘sea-born’

  • Morwenna: Meaning ‘waves of the sea’ in Welsh

  • Murial: Meaning ‘of the bright sea’ in Irish


  • Naia: From the Basque region in Spain meaning ‘wave’ or ‘seafoam’

  • Nerida: Meaning ‘mermaid’ in Greek

  • Nerissa: Greek meaning ‘from the sea’

  • Nori: Japanese for seaweed


  • Ocean: No need to explain this one…

  • Onda: Italian for ‘wave’

  • Ondine: Meaning ‘little wave’ in Latin


  • Pearl: Of English Origin, the birthstone found in the sea


  • Sedna: Another name for a Goddess of the sea

  • Sereia: Meaning ‘mermaid’ in Portuguese

  • Serena: From Latin origin, meaning ‘clear’ or ‘tranquil’

  • Stellamaris: Meaning ‘star of the sea’


  • Tarni: Popular in Australia, meaning ‘wave’ or ‘surf’

  • Thalassa: Meaning ‘ocean’


  • Ula: Meaning ‘gem of the sea’

  • Umiko: Meaning ‘child of the sea’ in Japanese

  • Ursula: Another name from the Little Mermaid Disney movie


  • Vanora: Meaning ‘white wave’ in Welsh

  • Varuna: In Hindi, this means the god of water and oceans


  • Yara: Meaning ‘water lady’ in Brazilian


  • Zarya: A Slavic name that belonged to an exotic water priestess


Ocean Names for Boys


  • Aalto: Scandinavian for ‘wave’

  • Adrian: Originally referring to a person from the Adriatic Sea

  • Alon: Meaning ‘waves’

  • Arnav: Meaning ‘ocean’ in Hindi


  • Calder: Meaning ‘rocky water’

  • Caspian: A name picked after the Caspian Sea

  • Cove: Meaning a coastal inlet


  • Delmar: Meaning ‘of the sea’ in Spanish

  • Delmore: Meaning ‘of the sea’ in French

  • Deniz: Meaning ‘sea’ in Turkish

  • Douglas: A Scottish name meaning ‘black water’

  • Dylan: The Welsh meaning for ‘son of the sea’


  • Earwyn: Meaning ‘friend of the sea’

  • Eldoris: Meaning ‘of the sea’


  • Gyatso: Buddhist meaning ‘ocean’


  • Hali: Of Greek origin meaning ‘sea’, it is also unisex

  • Heli: A Celtic unisex name meaning ‘saltwater’

  • Hurley: The Irish meaning for ‘sea tide’


  • Irving: Scottish meaning for ‘sea friend’ - this one is also a common surname


  • Jordan: Meaning ‘to flow down’ (also unisex)


  • Kai: Derived from Hawaiian meaning ‘sea’

  • Kano: Meaning ‘god of the water’ in both Japan and Africa


  • Laguna: Italian for ‘pond’ or ‘lake’

  • Llyr: Meaning ‘the sea’ in Welsh


  • Malik: Arabic meaning ‘wave’

  • Marino: Meaning ‘of the sea’

  • Maury: Of Latin heritage, meaning ‘sea channel’

  • Moses: A biblical name meaning ‘delivered from the water’

  • Murray: An old Scottish name Meaning ‘settlement by the sea’


  • River: As all rivers lead to the ocean, this name is becoming more popular


  • Trent: Meaning ‘gushing water’ in Latin


Ocean Names for Fur-babies

In addition to the above names, here are some favourites for our four-legged friends!


  • Azure: The name given to the colour of deep blue water


  • Bardo: Meaning ‘water’ in many cultures

  • Blue: The colour of the sea

  • Bo: Meaning ‘wave’ in Chinese


  • Captain: The driver of a ship/boat

  • Crest: Meaning the crest of a wave

  • Cruise: The name of a holiday/vacation boat/ship


  • Knot: This refers to the speed a boat travels


  • Marley: Meaning ‘pleasant seaside meadow’

  • Marvin: Meaning ‘sea hill’ in Welsh

  • Merlin: Meaning ‘sea fortress’

  • Murphy: An Irish name meaning ‘sea warrior’

  • Murray: Meaning ‘settlement by the sea’


  • Nen: An Egyptian name meaning ‘ancient waters’

  • Neptune: According to Roman mythology, ‘Neptune’ means ‘the god of the sea’

  • Nixie: A Maori name meaning ‘reflections on the water’


  • Pasha: This means ‘of the ocean’

  • Poseidon: The Greek god of the seas


  • Reef: Referring to a coral reef


  • Siren: In Greek mythology, sirens were mermaid creatures that sang and lured unwary sailors onto rocks


  • Tallulah: From both Irish and Native American heritage, meaning leaping water

  • Tide: Referring to the movement of water along a coastline

  • Triton: Triton was the Greek god and son of Neptune


  • Zale: Meaning ‘strength of the sea’

Whether you’re selecting a name for a baby, dog, cat or other pet, I hope that you’ve found inspiration in the above list of ocean and water-related names.

If you think of any other ocean-related names, please feel free to add them in the comments below!


Written by Darby Bonner

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