Why Learn to Scuba (4 Great Reasons)

Updated: Jul 21, 2021

There are many reasons to learn to scuba dive. Here are 4 great ones! I hope they'll convince you to take that plunge into the amazing underwater world.


1. You'll have access to so much more of the world to explore

Have you ever taken the time to contemplate that the ocean covers over 70% of our world? If you don't scuba dive, that means you're limiting yourself to 30% of this amazing planet we call home. And you're missing out on some incredible experiences. For the explorers out there, this alone should be reason enough to learn to breathe underwater! Just think about all the potential new adventures you'll be able to add to your bucket list.


2. Scuba diving is safer and easier than you think

Maybe you have some safety concerns. You might not be aware that scuba diving is safer (and easier) than most outdoor activities. Most people (myself included when I first started) get anxious when they think about being several metres underwater with just a hose from a tank of air to breathe from.

Some people fear the possibility of encountering dangerous marine life. But scuba diving is an activity with a lot of safety measures in place. Scuba diving-related incidents are rare and usually attributed to a lack of planning or safe protocol, both of which are easily avoidable. Furthermore, marine animals are rarely aggressive towards people. It's people that pose them the greatest threat.


3. Scuba diving promotes a healthy body and mind

Everyone I've known who has learnt to scuba dive has said it changed their life. And it will change yours too, not just because you'll gain access to such a huge part of our planet's biodiversity, but because scuba diving has meditative qualities. Scuba diving offers a feeling of weightlessness that can't be found anywhere other than outer space (and most of us will never go there!)

So once you get over your initial anxiety, this feeling of weightlessness will bring you peace because it will relax your body, and consequently, your mind. As a result, you'll look and feel great because scuba diving promotes a healthy body and mind. And don't let your age deter you. There's no age limit on learning to scuba dive!


4. You'll join a community of like-minded people

When you learn to scuba dive, you might change your lifestyle. Because you learn to truly appreciate the ocean and its amazing creatures. You develop a level of empathy and understanding that extends to your daily life. You appreciate how important it is to protect the environment, and you take environmental sustainability measures more seriously. Most importantly, you join a community of passionate, like-minded people all over the world who share similar values to you.


Get started!

PADI offers a Discover Scuba Diving course for those who want to try it out. Upon completion, this course can earn you credits towards your Open Water Diver course, the first step towards scuba diving certification.


By Jenna Abji

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